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Bell's Automotive Repair

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Thank you Doug for all of your work over the years. Your service, honest opinions and candid communication I am sure has saved me a small fortune!

Donna Sandburg, Chilliwack


There's no better way to dramatically extend the life of your car and make it run more happily than by periodically changing your oil.

As you know, your car's engine is a sophisticated piece of machinery. It's got hundreds of parts, many machined to tolerances measured in angstroms, moving back and forth at breakneck pace and at temperatures that would liquify glass. There's only one thing that keeps this whole system from utter meltdown: the oil in your crankcase.

The older that oil is, the more impurities it has. Which means the harder your engine has to work just to keep up. Which means the more it wants to give up and break down.

That's why frequent oil changes aren't just a good idea -- they're essential. What's more, at Bell's Auto Repair, an oil change is economical and fast (just 10 minutes, we promise!)

Look at it this way. Your car's engine cost you a lot of money. You can work it til it poops out prematurely or you can spend an extra few minutes with us every now and then.