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Thank you Doug for all of your work over the years. Your service, honest opinions and candid communication I am sure has saved me a small fortune!

Donna Sandburg, Chilliwack


A tune up is done to your car to replace and maintain parts that wear out through usage. Tune ups will ensure that your car will continue to run smoothly, continue getting its normal gas mileage and prevent severe damage the engine and other major components.

The engine will be inspected for loose belts, leaking hoses and the condition of the operating fluids. The mechanic will then run an electronic diagnostics test to ensure all the engines vitals are working normally. All the electronic sensors are checked and replaced if necessary. At this time any other parts may be replaced as necessary. Some tune ups will be more expensive than others as certain engine parts will need to be replaced over time. There are parts that will typically replaced over the lifetime of the automobile such as the timing belt, clutch (for manual transmissions), spark plugs, ignition wires, oxygen sensors, brakes, distributor, fuel filter and PCV filter. Depending on the season you may also get a coolant flush and a refrigerant recharge.

In addition to replacing parts that routinely wear out a tune up can serve to stop bigger problems before they happen. A lot happens when you drive your car a lot that you canít see. Even with modern electronically monitored cars, bad weather and roads shower your engines with debris and sometimes damage your car without you being aware. A tune up is a great way to keep tabs on engine performance and discover problems before they balloon to vastly expensive repairs.

So weather you drive a new car or old truck, foreign or domestic, Bell's Auto Repair in Abbotsford can help you keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come.